Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dior Book Giveaway

What the book is About:
In spite of having no formal training in art or fashion design, Christian Dior became a revolutionary force in fashion almost immediately after opening his salon on February 12, 1947. Time magazine said "Never in the history of fashion had a single designer made such a revolution in his first showing". During the span of only ten years 1947-1957, Christian Dior created a profitable brand that still exerts its influence today. Although there are many books covering the work of Dior, none have really addressed the reasons behind the success of this global powerhouse in fashion.

In Dior, A New Look, A New Enterprise (1947-1957), Alexandra Palmer takes a detailed look at what it was "about the man, the business and the designs that made the name of Christian Dior the singularly best known of all his gifted contemporary couturiers" (page 6).

Although much has been written about Dior, Palmer's book is based on original research through the Dior archives in Paris and is richly illustrated with photographs, sketches, and fascinating tabulations, such as sales statistics by country and the best-selling Dior garments (the "Fords" of the collections).

The book consists of seven parts:
1. Introduction
2. The Early Years
3. A New House, A New Femininity
4. Couture Piracy, Protection and Litigation
5. The Christian Dior Boutique
6. Global Expansion and Licenses
7. The Celebrity Couturier, Diplomat and Artbiter of Taste

Title: Dior, A New Look, A New Enterprise (1947-57)
Author: Alexandra Palmer
Published by: V&A Publishing, 2009
Number of Pages: 128
Price: 19.99 English Pounds, $38 Canadian, US $20 prepublication sale price on Amazon

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