Saturday, January 23, 2010

More Dresses

Gold Brocade Dress and Jacket by Ingrid Mida, copyright 2010

A dress is literally a metaphor for a woman. It is a form of second skin, sheltering the female form from the elements, and provides clues about self-image, class, profession and culture. 

Embarking on the project of cataloguing my mother's dresses has been an emotional journey for me especially as she is quite unwell. Plus I have only vague memories of her wearing these dresses. And for those reasons, I very much  appreciate the encouragement and positive response that I've received from my readers. In the past, I've listened to criticisms that my artwork lacks emotional power but this work comes from a deep place. I suspect that it will consume me for some time and perhaps result in a show at some point and possibly some note cards.