Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Post-installation Blues

I was told not to post photos of my installation at Fly Gallery until after it came down (apparently this would discourage visitors), but I just couldn't help myself. What else am I supposed to talk about in the meantime? I want to move past it and onto the next project.....

I was initially elated when the installation of Balenciaga Buzz (which is what I'm going to call this piece now after a suggestion from my dear friend Square with Flair) went up. But today, in looking at the photos I took, I cannot help but feel a little disappointed..... I cannot explain why but the photos do not properly capture the essence of what I have created. Where is the whimsy? Where is the contrast between the gritty, urban gallery space and the beautiful assemblage of objects on display? It makes me feel a little bit blue....Alas, I think it is time for some chocolate therapy.

P.S. I dropped by the gallery this evening to see what it looked like and even from well down the street, my eyes were drawn to it like flies to honey. I'm not sure whether it was the drama of night-time lighting or the inclusion of the vinyl lettering with my name on the glass, but I loved it again! Such are the ups and downs of the artistic journey.