Saturday, March 12, 2011

Zandra Rhodes: A Lifelong Affair with Textiles

The Dress Installation shot by Anthony Scoggins
Zandra Rhodes at the Mingei Museum
Architect Mies Van de Rohe once said "God is in the details." This quote came to mind when I toured the Zandra Rhodes exhibition at the Mingei Museum the other day and studied the garments up close. There were so many exquisite details that are just not visible in photos. Hand-rolled hems, delicate beading, intricate patterning, ornate stitching, and precise tucks are barely visible. These beautiful details are the hallmarks of work that is done with passion.
Details of The Dress 73/44 by Zandra Rhodes
Photo by Ingrid Mida 2011
Whimsical accessories complete the look. Isn't this hat zany?

Hat to accompany The Dress by Zandra Rhodes
Photo by Ingrid Mida 2011
This waistcoat in creamy silk with a quilted silk yoke is from 1970 but just as hip today. Note the V-shape of the body formed by the edge of the print and brown cock feathers emphasizing the tasseled fringes.

Chevron Shawl Waistcoat, 1970 Style 70/9
Zandra Rhodes Installation at the Mingei Museum
Photo by Ingrid Mida 2011
And would this outfit be as complete without the matching stockings?

Zandra Rhodes Printed Tights 1970
Photo by Ingrid Mida 2011
Zandra's deep love of travel and influence of other cultures is clearly evident in her work. Garments inspired by Mexico, India, Africa and other cultures are included in the show. As well, the juxtaposition of items from the Mingei Museum's collections, including Chinese baby hats, kimonos, ceremonial coats, and other textiles, layers in another dimension to this retrospective and adds an element of timeless and universal beauty to her work.
Punk dress 1978 and Dinosaur Coat 1971
Zandra Rhodes at the Mingei Museum

Installation Shot Color Gallery
Zandra Rhodes at the Mingei Museum
In the adjacent gallery, an exhibition of costumes and folk art objects from Romania are displayed in a show called Between East and West, Folk Art Treasures of Romania. I was told that Zandra spent some time there. Maybe we'll see a Romanian themed show from her in one of her upcoming collections.

Zandra Rhodes, A Lifelong Affair with Textiles, is on display at the Mingei Museum until April 3, 2011.