Monday, June 15, 2009

Shopping for Fabric in Paris

Fabric shopping in Paris was a huge priority for me. I knew I wanted to buy some toile de jouey fabric for my artwork and also to make some luscious decorative pillows and other items.

As luck would have it, the fabric district was only a metro ride and a transfer away to get to the artsy hood of Montmarte. I had been told that there were two huge fabric stores just to the right of the Bascilica Sacre Coure and as I followed the crowds of tourists up the hill, I detoured into a few of the smaller fabric shops along the way.

And then I hit mecca - two huge fabric stores across from each other each with four floors of the most gorgeous fabrics imaginable at Tissus Reine and Marche St. Pierre. I had to force myself to focus on what I came for and not get distracted by all the other lovely fabric possibilities. I ran up and down the stairs of both stores surveying all that was available before returning to Tissus Reine and buying heaps of fabric!!!

I don't regret my pretty purchases now, but as I was dragging my heavy load on the subway, I'd wondered what I'd done. I haven't yet had time to focus on creating some beautiful new art, pillows and aprons, but that is the next thing on my to-do list.

Tissus Reine
3 and 5 Place St. Pierre
Paris 01 46 06 02 31

Marche St. Pierre
Across the street from Tissus Reine

Metro stop: Anvers

P.S. If you are purchasing a lot of fabric and you wish to reclaim duty at the airport, you must tell the shop keeper in advance of your purchase!!!!