Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fancy Dress Apron

Many of us can remember our mothers wearing aprons. Back in the days when laundry was even more of a pain than it is today, aprons were a practical solution to protecting one's clothing during cooking and other household chores. And there was a time when fancy dress aprons were all the rage. Sometimes made out of silk or organza and often decorated with intricate embroidery or applique, they were worn only for special occasions like dinner parties.

After reading my recent post on Apronology, my friend Louise remembered an apron that her mother wore. Louise, who is both a talented artist and writes the blog My Ipod is my Sketchbook, photographed the dress apron that her mother wore for Friday night Shabbat dinners. Dating back to the 1960s, it is made of what looks like delicate organza and overlaid with colourful applique.

For many people aprons embody memories of happy times with their mother or grandmother. They represent love, security and simpler times. Are there any other aprons out there? If so, please send me your photos and your memories.