Friday, May 14, 2010

My Juliet Dress by Catherine of a Thousand Clapping Hands

When I moved to New York City in 1976, I settled in the Village and loved going round to all the local shops. There was one on Sullivan or Thompson that had nothing but dresses from Afghanistan. I had no idea...just that they were exotic and captivating, with full velvet sleeves, heavy embroidery, little round mirrors (many missing), and a neckline of little orange beads. The shopkeeper told me that one was a wedding dress from Afghanistan and that it was over 100 years old - but I don't think so as far as the age goes because there are clearly sewing machine stitches.

I wore that dress every Christmas for years. And I wore it all over New York, too. In my mind, I thought I was Juliet because the style was similar to a dress worn by Olivia Hussey in Zefferelli's movie of Romeo and Juliet. (What can I say? I was only eighteen.)

Your project will have so many of us reminiscing. I look forward to stopping by often and reading other people's dress memories.


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