Friday, June 4, 2010

Opera Atelier Costume Sale - Part II

This glorious dancer costume from Opera Atelier was one of my finds at last night's Costume Sale Runway Show and Cocktail Reception. In fact, it was included in the Runway Show and I waited outside the dancer's dressing room to lay claim to it!

This beautiful pale yellow and blue silk "Round Peasant" gown was worn during an Opera Atelier performance by Lucy Calvett and comes with a pannier,  heavy petticoat and fully boned corset. Not having a lady in waiting on hand this morning to help me lace up the back, I had to hold the corset closed during the photograph. The gown weighs over ten pounds and gives me a new found appreciation for how graceful and elegant the dancers are in spite of that extra weight.

I also purchased a heavily beaded burgundy velvet with lace gown worn by dancer Natalya Gomez in Coronation of Poppea. That gown is also surprisingly weighty. I intend to photograph both gowns as part of my 18th century inspired self portrait series a la Cindy Sherman. And I'm tempted to go back to the sale today to see what other costume finds I might uncover.

Opera Atelier's Costume Sale continues today June 4 and tomorrow June 5 from 1-5 pm and is being held at:
All-Canadian Self-Storage
1 Laird Drive at Millwood Road