Saturday, June 18, 2011

Vestiaire/Cloakroom by Lorène Bourgeois at Harbourfront Centre

Blitz child II by Lorene Bourgeois, 2011

Lorène Bourgeois: Vestiaire/Cloakroom opened at the Harbourfront Centre, Project room last night. In this show, Lorène presents a series of large-scale drawings and a video, based upon the subject of clothing and its relation to the human body and head.

"Recently, I have been exploring the territory of head and face protection, including gas masks and military helmets. I am interested not only in the social and utilitarian functions of these artifacts, but also in their qualities as physical objects - the way they frame or envelop the body, and the way they disclose or conceal the human form.

"Isolated from their original context, these objects seem to oscillate between functionality and theatricality, between absurdity and threat. It is this tension, the moment when the function of clothing slips into something less recognizable, that I wish to investigate."

Lorène Bourgeois lives and works in Toronto. Her work in drawing, painting, and printmaking has been exhibited across Canada, as well as in France, Korea, Russia, and the United States. A member of Loop Gallery and Open Studio in Toronto, she teaches in the Department of Visual Arts at Brock University.

Lorène and I are friends and I admire her work very much. We will be having a show together at Loop Gallery in May 2012.

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