Sunday, February 5, 2012

An Invitation to Tell Me More

Image from saena
The title of my talk in Milan at Fashion Tales 2012 will be The Metaphysics of Blogging. What that really means is that I will be considering the philosophy of blogging - the essence of its existence as an expressive medium. Blogging seems to be a new phenomena but it is not. People have been writing diaries and keeping sketchbooks for centuries and many such documents have ended up being published or in archives for use as research tools. By reconsidering the nature of blogging and using theorists like Walter Benjamin and Michel Foucault to support my argument, I hope to recast the blog as something more than just a dumping ground of images and ideas. In taking a theoretical approach to my analysis, I might put a new spin on this medium.

I'd love to hear from you, old and new bloggers alike, to tell me more about:
why you write a blog.
how you see your blog,
how you decide what to write about,
where blogging fits into your life,
what blogging has given you.

Tell me your stories and have your voice recorded as part of of fashion theory research. You can leave a comment here or email your comments/thoughts to me at I will keep all personal details confidential and will acknowledge your contribution to my research. Please pass this on to anyone you think might like to be heard.

And by the way, anyone can attend this conference in Milan. Please join me there if you are so inclined. Details are here.

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