Sunday, December 14, 2008


Antoinette, Mixed Media, 6x8 (framed),
copyright In
grid Mida 2008

I am utterly besotted with everything French, especially anything related to Marie Antoinette. All of the artwork that I've produced this year has been influenced by the French fashions of the 17th and 18th centuries.

Even though this little bodice was one of the very first miniature pieces that I created, it wasn't until this week that I finished sewing on the buttons, ribbon, and trim. And it took me forever to figure out how to incorporate toile.

It seems like I always fall in love with my latest artwork. I have to live with it for a while before I'm ready to release it into the world.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sketch of Marie Antoinette

Drawing of Marie Antoinette, about 1785, ink and color on paper, Artist unknown
From Lofstad slott, Norrkoping, Sweden

In the eighteenth century, news of the latest fashions was disseminated by way of fashion dolls, letters and sketches. The elite classes in foreign countries often relied on diplomats and their wives to keep them abreast of the latest styles and trends.

This beautiful drawing of Marie Antoinette was sent by Count Axel Fersen, a Swedish diplomat (and reputed lover of MA) to the court of Louis XVI to his sister Sophie back in Sweden. Take note of the pouff hairstyle decorated with feathers and the equestrienne influence in her dress.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

French Fashion Plates

The fashions of eighteenth century France are a visual manifestation of over-the-top ornamentation with ribbons, bows, beads and embroidery. Their utter decadence and impracticality symbolizes the desire and decadence of that period.

These are my latest art works to celebrate pre-revolutionary French fashion. (Just imagine Marie Antoinette on a promenade in the gardens of Versailles.)

Fashion Plate #2 by Ingrid Mida
Mixed media, 8x10, 2008

Fashion Plate #1 by Ingrid Mida
Mixed media, 8x10, 2008