Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fashion Postcards

18th Century Gowns in Store from the Museum of Costume in Bath
When I visit an exhibition of fashion in the museum, I am often tempted to buy the exhibition catalogue, but sometimes they are so heavy that I know that it will tip my luggage into the overweight category. At those moments, I often will buy a handful of postcards - just to remember the highlights. I have a box full of them and I also occasionally get one in the mail (like the beautiful one from the Museum of Costume in Bath, which I have yet to visit).

Here are some of my favourite fashion postcards.

YSL from YSL Foundation in Paris

The House of VIktor&Rolf, Barbican Gallery in London

Renior's La Parisienne

Dress Collection of Victoria & Albert Museum, London

Ball Gown 1939 by Charles James
Brighton Collection

Press invite to Mannequin Le Corps de la Mode
Musee Galliera 

Getting a real piece of mail is such a rare and wonderful treat that the last time it happened, I posted it on Facebook! It is so much easier to write a note on email or send a message on Facebook or Twitter, but nothing compares to the beauty of a handwritten note or postcard.  Anyone want to be my fashion postcard pen pal?